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Madras Cable Corporation Indian based company Manufactures welding cable according to international product compliance with ISI and ISO Standards and Specifications. Routine tests are carried out in well equipped laboratory in accordance with the methods given in the BIS specifications. All Apparatus and Measuring instruments are periodically checked & calibrated by NABl’s accredited laboratory. All records of tests, inspection and calibration are kept in suitable forms.. We manufacture welding cable , rubber Welding Cables, Our welding cables are offered with aluminium and copper conductors to suit different welding process applications.
Features of our welding cable :
• Outstanding toughness & durability.
• High resistance power to cuts , tears & abrasion.
• Resist to oil , chemicals, solvents Excellent ozon weather resistant & Excellent ozone

Application of : welding cable
Welding Machine,
Automobile Industries,
Steel Plants,
Oil & Gas Industry ,
Eelectrolytic Plating Process,
Busbar Connection,
Aircraft Servicing Equipments
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