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   Teflon Cable
Madras Cable Corporation manufacturers Teflon cables that are made from world’s
Best quality Teflon. Teflon cable and thermocouple cables are best known for high
Quality standard.. . These Teflon cables are widely used in numerous applications in various industries such as oil & gas,petrochemicals,military, railways, aircraft,defence, satellites Electronic test equipments,Computers,Electronic Equipments For Aircraft, Marine, Radar, Satellites,Aerospace Research, power Control Equipment,Lead Cells & Pressure Transducers,Heat Sensing Leads, Atomic Power Stations,High Performance Electrical Machines,Furnace & Oven Wiring,High Temperature heat Exchanges,Refrigeration Equipments,Lifts,Infra red sensing equipments Etc.....
Our range of Teflon cables includes ptfe cables, teflon coated cables, teflon ribbon
cables, teflon wires, ptfe insulated cables and teflon coaxial cables.

• High Operating Temperature -65°C to 260°C
• Low Dielectric Constant
• Low Dissipation Factor (< 0.0003)
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