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   Rubber Cable
Madras cable corporation manufacturer of Rubber Cable in india. our rubber cable are ideal for power transmission & known for endurance to voltage fluctuations and flame resistance these cables are ideal use for electrical instrumentation, appliances & equipments. We manufacture Different types of rubber cable such as elastomeric rubber cable, silicone rubber cable, multicore rubber cable, insulated cables, single core rubber cable, silicon rubber cable, power rubber cables, rubber insulated cables, , insulated rubber cable, silicone rubber cable, 3 Core Rubber Cable,4 Core Rubber Cable,5 Core Rubber Cable,7 Core Rubber Cable, epr silicone rubber cable.
Applications :
Rubber cables find applications in vast segments and play a vital role in day to day living, These cables are used in everyday appliances , dry and damp places, open-built plants, under heavy conditions, in mobile motors, electrical trains, agricultural tools and plants, clear water plants.These rubber cables can also be used in outdoor applications, these cables are known for resistant proof to many natural and common materials and chemicals. From acids, chemicals, solvents, water, oils Etc...
Benfits of opting for rubber cable is these cables are more flexible, durable and has the ability to replace and repair any faulty sections. These cables are easy to clean & can easly replaced and can be strong in any range of environments.
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