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   LT & HT Cables
Madras Cable Corporation manufactures LT cable( low tenson cables) & HTcable ( high tension cable). We manufacture Different types of LT & HT cable such as :

• PVC insulated fire retardant (FR)
• Fire retardant low smoke (FRLS)
• Zero halogen fire retardant (ZHFR)
• PVC insulated winding wires
• Submersible Cables
• Single core PVC insulated
• Multicore PVC insulated & sheathed
• PVC insulated power cables–copper/ aluminum
• PVC insulated control cables-copper
• XLPE insulated power cables-copper/ aluminum
• XLPE insulated control cables-copper
• Armoured Cables With Copper / Aluminum Conductors

These cables are manufactured with Aluminium and Copper conductor and polymer insulation Our LT & HT cable comprise of conductors, insulation, inner-sheath, armour and outer sheath.These LT & HT Cables are available in aluminum and copper conductors. These cables are manufactured with solid/Stranded Circular/ Shaped Aluminium / Copper Conductor. Stranding makes Cables flexible and easy to handle.Our HT cable are manufactured using insulation three layer two of semi conductor compound and one layer of XLPE compound but in LT cable insulation only in one layer of XLPE for bear the High voltage. We provide customers with different types of insulation that includes - PVC, HR PVC and XLPE. The inner & outer sheaths can be PVC, HR PVC, FRLS, HR-FRLS or FR depending upon the application and requirement of customer.
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