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   Instrumentation Cable
Madras cable corporation specialises in Manufacturing different kinds of instrumentation Cables such as instrumentation control Cable, instrumentation signal Cable . our instrumentation Cable facilitates smooth communication of Low Level Signal from Electronics transmitters. Our instrumentation Cable. Instrumentation process in any industry is very important factor for controlling various parameters during process. Microprocessor based control devices demand very low noise level & attenuation of signals in the cable. This calls for careful designing & manufacturing of cables with stringent quality control. Madras cable corporation sources raw material materials from world class manufacturers to ensure the products matches international quality..we use world’s best Aluminium, Polyester Tape that ensures smooth communication of very Low level signal from transmitter to control room & also effectively Cut the cross communication & noise.
control room at industrial plants
Power Stations
Oil & Gas Refineries
Agriculture Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Pulp & Paper Industry
Green Energy
Petrochemical Plants
underground (outdoor) applications.
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