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   Superlite PVC wires and cables are one of the Premier qualities of cables in our country in this most advanced new millennium. At present Superlite PVC Cables covers a wide range of wires & cables such as wire cable, wire and cable, electrical wire and cable, electric cables, wire and cables, wires cables, wires and cables, wires cables, wiring cable and many other underground cables with special heat Resisting Type PVC Insulation and Sheathed. wires & cables Chennai can also be manufactured according to specific requirements of customers to even foreign standards (i.e.,) B.S.

      Our Products

Superlite PVC Cables, wires & cables, Domestic cables, House wiring cables, Industrial Cables, Telecom Cables, Submersible Cables, Panel Control multi core cables, FRLS cables, Screened cables and Auto cables.


Our products are used in commercial, retail, institutional, construction including commercial offices, hospital, banks, shopping malls, automobile sectors, domestic purposes etc. Superlite has always placed the highest importance to quality of its products, there by ensuring continous demand from both domestic & international market.

Superlite cables are officially approved by the bureau of Indian standards for ISI and quality management system for ISO 9001:2000 certification. The Company management always believe in Total Quality Management, in the entire process. Our endeavour is to prevent defectiveness during process. Tools used for process inspection are calibrated and well maintained. This is achieved through regular inspection and checks at different stages of production by Highly experienced Engineers.

All the products manufactured are tested for compliance as per ISI and ISO Standards and Specifications. Routine tests are carried out in well equipped laboratory in accordance with the methods given in the BIS specifications. All Apparatus and Measuring instruments are periodically checked & calibrated by NABl’s accredited laboratory. All records of tests, inspection and calibration are kept in suitable forms.

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